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Ahwatukee Realtor, Brian Adamski

Brian Adamski, Realtor

Experience matters! I'm in the top 3 percent of all Realtors in the Metro Phoenix Area let alone Ahwatukee.

Most of the top Ahwatukee Realtors will pass you off to a junior Realtor and/or a transaction coordinator. That is something that I do NOT do. I will give you personalized service and be your first point of contact so that we can have cohesive communication. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that I have a fantastic group of people supporting me behind the scenes.

I do NOT have that typical Realtor/Salesie personality. I’m turned off by that typical personality too. I have been told that I have the perfect combo of being very personable yet having top-notch technical/customer service skills.

The majority of my business is through repeat clients and referrals. I think the reason for this is that I get people great results while still being honest and having integrity. The rest of my business comes from people, perhaps just like you, who contact me through one of my websites.

I started being an Ahwatukee Realtor in late 2008 during the housing crash. That is the equivalent of selling ice to someone in Antarctica in winter! LOL. But I did it and have excelled at it!

When I’m not working as an Ahwatukee Realtor, you can find me hiking/biking/traveling with my beautiful wife, working on some project on our house/yard, or on the tennis court as I’m an avid tennis player.

The Ahwatukee Market is Hot!

Let me sell your home!

Brian helped get me $35,000 more than another Realtor had advised as a list price!
Tamela DeMik, Seller

Choosing the Best Ahwatukee Realtor

Hiring the right Ahwatukee Realtor is tough as you are looking for the best and I get that. I believe my track record and client reviews speak to how much my experience will pay off for you.Best Ahwatukee Realtor

As an Ahwatukee Realtor that has lived in Ahwatukee for 17+ years, I'm truly a local expert.

I'm a member of the HomeSmart Elite Group which is THE top producing group in AZ! This benefits you as you will have a bunch of highly-seasoned people on your team.

Need to sell? I typically sell for more than what people think their home is worth. Most often higher than what Zillow says it is worth.

Need to buy? While I can’t always guarantee it, I have frequently gotten my client's offer accepted (even an offer using financing as opposed to cash) in a multiple offer situation even though it was not the best offer. How do you ask? Suffice it to say for now, because of my experience and knowing how to present an offer to the seller's Realtor.

How I Will Serve YOU as Your Ahwatukee Realtor

Brian Adamski

Brian Adamski, Realtor

Regardless of your price range, I will treat you with the utmost care as customer service is extremely important to me. Your best interests and happiness are my highest priority as I want to make sure that I become your Ahwatukee Realtor for life.

My negotiating skills consistently amaze my clients. In order to negotiate well, one must gain the right information to set the stage before actually negotiating. Sounds simple enough but many Realtors don’t do this important step. This is one reason I’ve out-negotiated many other Ahwatukee Realtors.

I will be very responsive to you. My clients frequently ask me how I can be so responsive when they know how I’m busy I am. I guess I owe that to exceptional time management, great organizational skills, and the fact that I work too many hours.

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How I Help Sellers

My experience will put the most amount of money in your bank account! Read through my client reviews and you will see that many clients ended up getting more than they originally thought it was worth.
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Prepping your house. Part of what makes me a great listing agent is that I work with a lot of buyers so I know what turns them off/on. Most importantly, I will give you advice that will make your home look its best and will, as a result, increase the price and decrease the time on the market.

Marketing is so important to sell your Ahwatukee home and this is where I excel. Firstly, I will have professional photos taken. Secondly, my marketing plan exposes your home to 1000s of websites. Thirdly, and is possibly the secret sauce, I have a large network of Ahwatukee Realtors.

I will negotiate the best offer possible. Read through my client reviews and you will see that "great negotiator" is something that is mentioned numerous times.

I will be patient and guide you through every step of the process up until the day you close. In conclusion, I know that you will be happy if you hire me.

Brian is not at all pushy and genuinely wants to help his clients to make the right decision for themselves.
John Higgins, Buyer

How I Help Buyers

Ahwatukee Home Buyers DreamingI will actually listen to what you want! We will have an in-depth conversation about what you want beyond just the typical filterable criteria. As a result, our search for the right home will be much more focused.

I will catch on fast to what you're looking for. Clients have consistently told me that they are amazed at how quickly I catch on to the subtleties of what they want and what they don't want which results in the chances of finding your dream home much more likely and quickly.

Brutal honesty is my policy! One thing that sets me apart from other Ahwatukee Realtors is that I will point out the negatives in homes you see rather than concentrating on the positives so that you can make an informed decision rather than an emotional one which you could regret down the road.

I'm well connected with many other Ahwatukee Realtors so I sometimes know of homes coming onto the market before the public knows to give you an advantage.